1. Should we invest in new or old?
When becoming a homeowner, one may wonder if it is better to buy in the new or in the old.

Whether it is a purchase on plan (also called VEFA) or a construction, a new housing meets the latest housing standards but is more expensive to buy. However, many financial and tax aids can take advantage of a new property purchase. It is not necessary to do work in the early years and you can often choose the layout of the parts upstream of the project.

Conversely, old dwellings are generally offered at lower prices but often require refresher work or heavier work to bring the premises into conformity.
2. Should you renovate your property before selling it?
Some buyers want to buy a property where they can directly settle. Others prefer to change everything to get a good taste. Statistically, the renovated properties are selling faster than the properties with works because they give the image of well maintained housing.
Ask yourself the right questions when selling. It is not necessarily a question of completely transforming your home. You may hesitate to install new insulating windows but not to change the electrical system if it is no longer standard (which is not mandatory). The work done before the sale is intended to reassure future buyers on the good health of housing.
If you do not have big jobs to do, it is always better to give a cool touch to his good to sell it by repairing all the small defects (a broken switch, aged faucets, damage caused by a dog or a cat…). Repainting the walls in light colors also helps to depersonalize the premises and allows potential buyers to project into your home. Finally, home staging, a practice that consists of redecorating your home soberly and cheaply, has proven itself for several years.
3. Is the exclusive mandate really more effective than the simple mandate?
Entrusting the sale of your property to a real estate professional ensures better visibility for your home. With his expertise, a real estate agent can help you estimate the selling price of your property.
In the hope of getting even more visibility and as you will pay agency fees only to the one that has concluded the sale, it can be tempting to entrust the sale of his property to several professionals. Caution, however, because too much of your ad may appear suspicious for a buyer, as if the property was very difficult to sell.
On the other hand, if a single agency takes care of the sale, it is assured to benefit from a commission on the sale and thus more motivated for the sale than if it has to confront several competitors.
4. Buy old: the choice of location
You want to buy an old apartment, to occupy it or rent it? Be aware that this type of investment has many advantages, first and foremost, the choice of location. More importantly, older housing supply encompasses more neighborhoods, including historic areas and downtowns. Thus, in addition to the cultural offer, old housing is likely to be close to quality infrastructure (schools, public transport, shops ...).
Your desire to buy an old home can also be motivated by the attraction of the old stone. The height of the ceiling and the floor of the old buildings are often irreplaceable assets for any buyer who wishes to invest in the old.
5. An investment that is easier to value
Once these precautions are taken, the renovation of an old dwelling can offer interesting opportunities for added value thanks to the financial and fiscal aids, put in place to encourage the works.
Eco-renovation, which consists of improving the energy performance of a home. The work may also be subject to subsidies or an Energy Bonus.
In conclusion, the lack of work can make you prefer new real estate but the selling price is much higher than in the old one. The former guarantees stable prices and often central location. The determining factor for choice is therefore often the crush. If you prefer old stones, you will be seduced by the old. If you prefer comfort and tranquility, the new one will suit you better.
6. Invest in new, assured tranquility?
Investing in the new is also the choice of tranquility: standards of quality and accessibility in force give the owner the assurance that there will be no renovations in the short or medium term. And if you opt for an apartment, the condominium fees are sometimes lower than in the old and no work is expected.
So many reasons to encourage you to buy a new house or a new apartment if you are eligible for tax and financial benefits.
7. Signature of the sales agreement: the law leaves you the choice
Unlike the authentic deed of sale, which completes the transaction and must be systematically performed before a notary to have value, the law allows the buyer and the seller to do without such a formalism for the signature of the sales agreement.
The compromise, which formalizes for the first time the agreement between the two parties can be signed before a notary, in a real estate agency or from individual to individual. However, sign a sales agreement without a professional is it reasonable? Several elements should dissuade you.

Sign a sales agreement between individuals: strong risks
The signing of a sales agreement is a complex and engaging act.
An authorized real estate agent (or his negotiator if he is himself authorized) has all the necessary competence to verify the completeness of the file and to validate the compromise in an incontestable way.
It is also advisable to add suspensive clauses in the sales agreement related to obtaining the loan or the work authorization application. A real estate agent will be able to advise you and write the various clauses to secure the sale.
A seller who signs a sales agreement directly with the buyer without knowledge of these particularities could find himself in a delicate situation.

8. What are the benefits of signing a compromise with a real estate agent?
The real estate agent is a trusted intermediary, legally responsible for drafting a sales agreement.
As soon as the sales mandate is signed with the real estate agency, it is responsible for compiling the file with all the seller's documents required by law. The signing of the compromise through the real estate agent is much faster because he already knows all the elements of the sale as well as the history of the negotiation and the will of the parties (deadlines, special conditions, movable elements, ...) .

Signing a sales agreement in real estate agency is reassuring for both the buyer and the seller.
9. How to determine the value of an apartment or a house?
Observe the condition of the property
To evaluate what a good is worth, one must naturally be interested in its state. The better he is, the higher the value.
As time passes, housing will deteriorate. This is called obsolescence and it is inevitable. But it can be slowed down by regular maintenance. It is also sometimes necessary to have some work done to maintain the value of the property, especially when the new housing standards require it.
The year of construction can come into play and give "cachet" to a dwelling to increase its value. But it is his condition at the time of the sale that will have the most influence.

Raise the assets of the property
All goods are not equal, simply because they are not alike. Some are tall or well equipped while others are smaller and poorly exposed.
We value the presence of annexes such as a cellar, a garage, a garden, a terrace or a swimming pool.
The presence of windows and the orientation of living rooms in relation to the sun are also valuable criteria for housing. In some countries there is even a tax on the sunniest dwellings.

Take an interest in the environment of the property
We can not evaluate a good for him alone. We must take into account its environment. Proximity to public transport, shops or schools. Neighborhood life and access to all amenities add value to your home.

Be aware of the scarcity
This is a simple principle in economics: what is rare is expensive. And real estate is no exception.
A good that stands out positively from the competition will tend to be more expensive. It is therefore more difficult but also more interesting to find a housing with a beautiful light, a panoramic view, a remarkable architecture, a mezzanine or original materials. Although they do not please everyone, unusual property is often valued.